Planning Committees

Overall Plan

George J.S. Choe, Co-Chair, President & CEO, Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation 

Byeong-Gi Jang, Co-Chair, President, Korean-American Association of Greater Philadelphia

Advisory Committee

Hon. Helen Gym, Co-Chair, City Council member of Philadelphia

Hon. David Oh, Co-Chair, City Council member of Philadelphia

Sunmi Jung Oh, Co-Chair, President of NAKS

Richard Cataldi, Esq.

Hon. Ida Chen, Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Tim Haahs, President of Tim Haahs & Associates

Min S. Suh, Esq.

Kenneth Wong

Hon. Valerie Arkoosh, Chair of the Office of MontCo Commissioners

Hon. Bob Mensch, PA State Senate

Hon. Todd Stephens, PA State Rep


Kay Yu, Coordinator

Overall Coordination:                                         Sungho Kim

Volunteer Coordination:                                    Kyunghee Seo/Grace Park


Marketing Team


Video Production:                                            David Hakbom Kim

Content Development:                                    Ben Lee, Mary Lee, Mira Kim

Publication:                                                      Joseph Sukgu Lee

Website Design:                                                   HanNa Jung, Alvin Law (English)

                                                                                Tae Yeon Kim (Korean)

Graphic Design:                                                   Jamie Moon

Artistic Program Design:                                   Prisca Choe


Community Outreach:                                       Christina Haahs (English-speaking)

                                                                               Tae Soo Sohn (Korean-speaking)



Coordination:                                                      Jimmy Chong 

March 16 Dinner:                                                Judy Yoo



Jr/Sr High Education Program                         Jung Lee

College Student Conference                            Dr. Seok Lee

Day 1 Opening Ceremony/Symposium  

Day 2 Commemoration March                        Jung Lee

Day 2 Centennial Concert                                   Changho Lee/Rachel Kyounghee Lee

Day 3 Korea-U.S. Friendship Night -

Korean Cultural Dance and Performances       Angela Jung/ChunSeung Lee  

Sponsoring Organizations

Korean American Association of Greater Philadelphia 


Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation

Government Sponsoring Organizations

Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Republic of Korea

NY Consulate General of Republic of Korea


City of Philadelphia

Executive Organizations

Korean Senior Citizens Association of Greater Philadelphia 

National Unification Advisory Council of the Republic of Korea (Phila)

Council of Korean Churches of Greater Philadelphia

Korean Veterans Association of the Philadelphia Region

Greater Philadelphia Korean American Association of 5 Northern Provinces

National Association for Korean Schools, National & Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Korean American Association of Southern New Jersey

Syngman Rhee Memorial Foundation, Philadelphia Chapter

Hung Sa Dahn (Young Korean Academy), Philadelphia Chapter

Delaware Korean American Association

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